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With Citi's global knowledge and experience, our investment and wealth management professionals can help you meet your objectives.

Financial Review

A no-obligation financial review with one of our experts is all part of the Citi service. Itís an ideal way to check your savings and investments are still working for you.

Reward Saver Account Issue 7

  • Earn 0.10% gross p.a. /AER variable on balances up to £75,000.
  • For clients who hold a Citigold Current Account, Reward Saver account earns the Variable Standard Rate of 0.30% gross p.a. / AER on balances up to £1Million. The total rate will be 0.65% AER variable for the first year, which includes a fixed six month introductory bonus rate of 0.70% gross p.a. After this the rate will revert to the Variable Standard Rate.
  • Earn interest from just £1.
  • Great for long-term savers who want to make the most of their savings.
  • No interest will be paid in a statement month within which a withdrawal occurs.1

Flexible Saver Account

  • Earn 0.05% gross gross p.a. /AER variable† on balances up to and including £75,000.
  • For clients holding a Citigold Current Account, the rate is† 0.15% gross p.a. /AER variable on balances up to £1 million.
  • Earn interest from just £1.
  • Instant access account with no penalties for withdrawals.

US Dollar Reward Saver Issue 2

Enjoy a great US Dollar savings rate - earn up to 0.1% gross p.a./AER on your US

Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts

Instant access deposit accounts in 10 different currencies.

Time Deposit Account

Rates fixed for the term of the deposit. Rates available change daily and depend on the currency, term and investment amount.

Important information
  1. This does not apply to account closures. A statement month is the period between the dates when your monthly statement is issued . All new to Citi client will, by default, have their statement date automatically set to the last day of the calendar month, resulting in a statement month normally being the same as a calendar month for new client. This is an option for existing client if required although the change in date will apply to all of a client accounts.

Stock market investments should be viewed as a medium-term to long-term investment (at least five years).

Favourable tax treatment of ISAs may not be maintained in the future if law and HM Revenue and Customs practice change.