Citi Cards

Important message about your Citi Card

The transfer of some Citi Cards to Opus Card

On 21st November 2010 some Citi Card accounts along with any outstanding balances will be transferred to Opus Card.  If you have been advised that you will receive a new Opus Card and PIN, please ensure that you activate your new Opus Card as you will not be able to use it until you do. This can be done by calling Opus Customer Services on
020 7871 0464.

From 21st November, you will no longer be able to use your Citi Card so you should destroy it to help prevent fraud. Please ensure you destroy your Citi Card by cutting through the magnetic strip and chip. Please also destroy any promotional or convenience cheques that were issued for that account, for example by shredding.

Accessing your account online

You can no longer access your Citi Card account online. To view and manage your account online you will need to visit the Opus Card website at and register to access your Opus account online.

Contacting Opus Card

To discuss your account or any past activity on your account, you should now contact Opus Card customer services from 21st  November on 020 7871 0464.

Complaint about insurance on your credit card?

For more information about complaints regarding insurance on credit cards provided by Citi, please see our PPI and CRP complaints page.