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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Advisory Service - Citi UK

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) advisory service

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Over 800 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Let us find your perfect combination

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) can play a key role in diversifying your investments. At Citigold Wealth Management, we offer a choice of over 800 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), all carefully selected from the world’s leading fund providers.

Our newly-launched ETF advisory service provides the expertise to help you identify which ETF funds match your financial objectives.

What are Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are investment funds designed to track market indices such as the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and others. ETFs are traded on stock exchanges around the world in the same way as stocks. You can trade on your own through Citi Online or use our new ETF advisory service.

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What Is An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) - Citi UK

How our ETF advisory service works

  • Understand your financial objectives and attitude to risk

  • Shortlist the right funds for you  

  • Choose the funds you want to trade in

  • Your Relationship Manager will execute the trade

Benefits and Risks of ETFs +

The benefits

  • Lower cost: Exchange Traded Funds are “passively managed” investments, and so tend to have lower running costs than actively managed products like Mutual Funds.
  • Diversification: ETFs can track a wide variety of asset classes, geographies and market sectors across global markets, offering a lower-cost way to diversify your holdings and manage risk.
  • Liquidity: because ETF trading happens directly on global exchanges, ETFs offer a high level of liquidity.
  • Transparency: the securities underlying each Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are visible, so you can clearly see what they’re investing in.

The risks

  • The returns you will receive from an ETF are unknown, making it harder to plan your finances.
  • If a company you’ve invested in goes bankrupt, you may lose the entirety of your investment.
  • The price of financial market stocks can fluctuate, and that fluctuation can be extreme. You will therefore suffer investment loss if the price falls. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investments can go down as well as up.

Benefits and Risks of ETFs -


ETF advisory service Fees

Where we provide you with an Investment advisory service you will pay a advisory fee this service. The advisory fee will be charged in addition to the amount you invest and is charged in addition to the transaction fee

  Advisory Fee
Citigold Private Client 1.00%*
Citigold 1.50%*
Other 2.00%*

*Percentage is based on the amount of the trade.

ETF Transaction Fee

For Transaction Fees when trading via telephone, please contact your Relationship Manager. Transaction fee when using Citi Online:

Trading Value (Min. $100 per trade) Transaction Fee
Trading value up to US$99,999 0.45%*
Trading value of US$100,000 - US$499,999 0.35%*
Trading value of US$500,000 or more 0.25%*

*Percentage is based on the amount of the trade.

By way of an example , if you are a Citigold client and wish to make a trade of £10,000 you will be charged upfront fees of £150 (i.e. 1.5% of £10,000) as an advice fee; if the transaction fee charge rate agreed with your Relationship Manager is 1%, an additional £100 (i.e. 1% of £10,000) transaction fee will be charged. Therefore you will pay £250 as an aggregate upfront Fee, and £10,000 will be the value of the trade.

Brokerage charges and third party fees applicable. These charges will vary based on the nature of the security and the market in which it is traded and settled. Your Relationship Manager will inform you of the charges at the time of trade, or, if trading through Citi Online, these charges will be displayed before confirming your order. Citigold clients choosing to trade through Citi Online will not pay the advisory fee. Fees and taxes levied by the exchange or the relevant regulatory authorities may be passed on to you.

There is also Global Custody fee which applies for all investment products, which is 0.5% of all investments you hold with Citi, charged on monthly basis.



Exchange Traded Funds sales are subject to full suitability assessment prior to transacting. Exchange Traded Funds are not suitable for everyone.

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