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Mobile Banking App - Citi Mobile® UK App

Citi Mobile® UK App

Manage your money on the move – 24/7

Day-to-day banking is quick and easy with our ultra-versatile app.

Citi Mobile® UK is a truly convenient way of staying on top of your finances - anytime, anywhere, and especially on the go. Whether you’re sending money, checking an account balance or monitoring your investments, there’s a wide range of functions specially designed to make everyday money management as easy as possible.

If you’re especially short on time, try our Citi Mobile Snapshot feature, which calls up an instant overview of your most recent transactions without requiring your log-in details.

Citi Mobile® UK works in tandem with our digital banking platform, Citi Online, and is available for download by all registered users of that service.

Features and functions

With Citi Mobile® UK, you can:

  • Use the Touch ID and Fingerprint Sign On service for quick access to your accounts
  • Activate your Citi Debit Card
  • Choose which of your banking and investment alerts you would like to receive as Push Notifications. Learn more here.
  • Link your Citi Debit Card to any of your eligible currency accounts
  • Check the balances of your current and savings accounts
  • Monitor the status of your Citi investments
  • Send money between your accounts
  • Make payments to new payees and to anyone on your Citi Online payee list (using Faster Payments, SEPA or SWIFT)
  • Transfer up to £50,000 instantly to select other Citi accounts worldwide, using Citi Global Transfers
  • Find a number to call us on
  • Access Help Centres and Frequently asked Questions



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