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Globeshopper - Shop With Many Online Retailers


Citi Globeshopper is an innovative new shopping portal for Citi clients. Once registered, you can shop with many online retailers which may not be available in your home country.

A VIP experience when you spend online

A VIP experience when you spend online

You will also enjoy a wide range of benefits, including bespoke delivery options, multiple discounts on major brands and a concierge service to make sure the payment process runs smoothly.

How Globeshopper works

  • It's free to register. All you need is your Citi Visa Debit Card
  • When you shop at any UK or US site, everything is delivered direct to your free international shipping address
  • You can then consolidate your parcels for maximum cost efficiency and have us send them to your chosen address.

The benefits of Citi Globeshopper:

  • 20% off shipping costs for your first transaction, and 10% off all subsequent shipments

  • Free storage at two different addresses in the UK and USA, so multiple purchases can be sent to you in a single shipping, saving on cost

  • Regular discounts and promotions from major brands including Macy’s and Amazon

  • Regular seasonal offers and promotions.

  • Register now for Citi Globeshopper

Not yet a Citi Debit Card holder?

Call CitiPhone on 0800 00 55 00 (if calling from abroad dial +44 20 7500 5500)

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