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Moving money between your accounts

It's easy to transfer money between your Citi accounts.

  • Select Payments and Transfers from your My Citi dashboard. Click Make a Payment or Transfer
  • From the drop down menu select Transaction Type as Make a Transfer between your own accounts.
  • Select the From Account which you want to transfer money from, and the To account where the money will be sent to
  • Input the Amount to be debited
  • When would you like to transfer?
    • To transfer now, click immediately.
    • To set a future date for the transfer, click the calendar icon and select the date you want.
    • To set up a regular transfer, click Make it recurring:
    • Set the Transfer Frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly) using the drop down menu.
    • Select the First transfer date using the calendar icon.
    • Specify how long you would like to Repeat this transfer for: last transfer date or leave the transfer in place until you want to cancel it.
  • Click NEXT.
  • Click NEXT again to acknowledge the Exchange rate reminder (if applicable). A summary of your transfer instructions appears.
  • When ready, click CONFIRM.
  • Your transfer is set up. Click OK to return to your My Citi dashboard.