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How Citi protects you

To ensure confidence and peace of mind for customers who use our services, we’re continually improving and developing our security measures.

We employ a range of security measures to protect your security and personal information.

These include:

  • A dedicated security team that investigate new technologies, monitor activity and respond promptly to any security issues.
  • Whether you call us, or we call you, we always take steps to check your identity before giving out information about your account over the phone.
  • All Citi Debit cards are eligible for the Verified by Visa service which protects your card against unauthorised use and gives peace of mind when shopping online
  • Citi Alerts - CitiAlert (Citi Alerting Service) is a digital service through which clients are notified via SMS and/or email message about any significant changes or transactions carried out their account
  • A 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption engine, that provides industry standard levels of security ensuring that your information cannot be read by anyone else.
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate — The green address bar on Citi sites is a security feature supported by newer browsers that allows you to visually validate that the site you are transacting with – such as – has undergone an extensive outside security audit
  • Suspending your online access after 3 invalid login attempts. Similarly, 3 invalid PIN attempts will block ATM access.
  • Date/Time Stamp — Every time you sign on to Citi Online, we display the date and time of your last visit. If you didn't sign on then, you'll know if there has been unauthorized account access.
  • Logging you off your online account if it is inactive for more than 5 minutes
  • Additional Authentication — When you perform sensitive online banking transactions, such as Funds Transfers, Citi may send you a One Time Password to your mobile phone to confirm your identity.