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Manage your money globally, yet simply

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Make your international lifestyle work for you

If you live, work and operate across different countries and regions, you’ll always encounter new opportunities to grow your wealth. As your finances become more complex, the challenge is to manage these in a way that brings both clarity and convenience, whilst maximising the financial advantages of your international reach.

Citigold is a personalised, multi-currency banking and investment service that brings your finances together in a way that works for you. The result: simplicity, control and the freedom to make the most of your assets.

  Multiple currency accounts. Just one card.

Citigold clients can hold current accounts in Pounds (GBP), Euros and US Dollars, along with deposit accounts in up to ten major global currencies. What´s more, you can access any of your accounts with the same Citigold Debit Card.

It takes just moments to link your card to the account of your choice using our award winning online portal – Citi Online. Then, when you travel, as long as your linked account is in the local currency, you can make payments and withdraw cash from Citi ATMs without paying transaction or exchange fees.

Money can be transferred between your accounts instantly and from wherever you are via Citi Online and Citi Mobile® UK. It´s also easy to send money anywhere in the world, with eight transaction fee-free SWIFT payments per month via Citi Online. If you are sending money in Euros to a beneficiary whose bank is located in the UK or the European Economic Area (“EEA”) in which case you will not be charged a fee.

  Local knowledge in foreign exchange solutions

We know you need ready access to your money in a range of currencies, from wherever you are and as cost-effectively as possible. There are also numerous advantages to operating in multiple currencies, which we can help you capitalise on.

Buying and Selling foreign currency takes moments with our FX Spots. Accessible via Citi Online or Citi Mobile® UK, they provide up-to-the minute exchange rates and allow you to deposit your purchased currency directly into the relevant account.

FX Order Watch allows you to set your desired exchange rate and let us watch the market on your behalf, executing the trade as soon as your conditions are met.

Important note: Because currency markets fluctuate, there is always a risk with any FX product that you could lose some of your capital if you make a trade and then immediately decide to switch back to your original currency.

Investment products denominated in non-local currency may be subject to risk of exchange rate fluctuations if the investment is not in your home currency, which could result in loss of principal if converted back to your home currency.
For this reason our FX solutions, including FX Order Watch, are best suited to experienced investors and those clients who already operate in more than one currency, or those who are prepared to accept the risk that currencies can fluctuate

  International investments, expert advice

Helping you make the most of your wealth is central to what we do. Citigold provides a tailored wealth management service, with a wide range of multi-currency investment options and expert advice from your own dedicated Relationship Manager.

Your Citigold Relationship Manager is a qualified professional who is able to advise you on both onshore and offshore investments. They will work with you to develop an investment strategy that´s driven by your individual goals and circumstances, which can adjust as you move through life. Our specially selected products include:

  • Foreign Exchange investments
  • Structured Notes
  • Investment Funds from leading fund houses
  • Exchange Traded Products
  • Bond and Stocks & Shares trading


  Access your accounts in the way that suits you

Citigold brings all of your currency accounts, savings and investments together for maximum simplicity and yet multiple ways of accessing and moving your money:

As well as the normal transactional services, with Citi Online you can also

Convenient banking
  • Link your card to the account of your choice
  • Make domestic and sending money outside the UK
  • View all your banking and investment accounts from a single sign on
  • Trade stocks and bonds across 34 world markets
  • Monitor and manage, including buying and selling, your investments 24/7.

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Citigold is available if you maintain a minimum average monthly balance of £75,000 (or currency equivalent) across all your Citi UK accounts, including investments.

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