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Your debit card

Your debit card

Contactless payments

From now on all new and reissued Citi Debit Cards will have the added benefit of being able to make Contactless payments

A quicker way to pay securely for your everyday purchases

A quicker way to pay securely for your everyday purchases

How contactless works

You can make unlimited free Contactless payments of up to £30 wherever you see the ripple symbol. All you need to do is hold your Citi Debit Card in front of the Contactless reader to automatically receive confirmation that your payment was successful. You will then be offered a receipt if you wish and that's it, your transaction is complete.

As an added security measure you may be asked to enter your PIN from time to time. Contactless payments are taken from your account in the same way as a Chip and PIN transaction. You will be able to see the debit on your statement and also when you sign on to check your account in Citibank Online.

Why use contactless

Quicker purchases – there is no need to insert your Citi Debit Card into a terminal or enter your PIN. You just need to hold your card in front of the Contactless reader.

Convenience – purchases are quicker for both you and others using Contactless cards, meaning faster transactions and shorter queues.

Secure – Contactless technology will only work on purchases up to the value of £20 and from time to time you may be asked to enter your PIN. Your account will be protected against fraud when using Contactless in the same way as PIN transactions.

Already have a Citi Debit card?

Your Citi Debit Card will be replaced with a new card that will be Contactless enabled. If you haven’t yet received your new Contactless card, you can request one by calling CitiPhone on 0800 00 55 00.

Looking for a Citi Debit card?

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