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Linking your card to different accounts through
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As a Citi client, you have the benefit of being able to hold multiple accounts in different currencies – with the option to access whichever one you want, wherever you happen to be – with just a single debit card. Now, to make it even easier for you, you can link your Citi Debit Card to any of your eligible currency accounts in just a few moments, with Citi Online.


It’s an efficient way of banking for those on the move. As long as the Citi account you’re using is in the local currency, you can make retail purchases, when the card is linked to a current account, and make a cash withdrawal from Citi ATMs without conversion charges.

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Access all of your overseas Citi accounts instantly

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Global View of Accounts

If you have Citi accounts in more than one country, our Global View of Accounts service makes international banking even simpler. Safe, secure and easy to use, it allows you to access all of your overseas accounts instantly, with just a single password.

  • Secure access to all of your Citi accounts
  • View your overseas accounts on your UK Citi Online page
  • No need to remember multiple passwords or security codes
  • Free service that’s available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.


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Make instant and secure purchases of up to £30

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Contactless Citi Debit Card

When you hold a Citi current account you receive a Contactless Citi Debit Card. Your contactless card allows you to make instant and secure purchases of up to £30 without entering your PIN, wherever you see the contactless ripple symbol.

With a Citi Debit Card you can take advantage of:


You can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including bespoke delivery options, multiple discounts on major brands and a concierge service to make sure the payment process runs smoothly.


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A truly convenient way of monitoring your account activity.

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E–Statements are a truly convenient way of monitoring your account activity, with no paper to file and the option to download up to twelve months of historic statements direct from Citi Online if you need them. Unlike paper statements they are more secure as only you can access them. You don’t have to worry about your statement getting lost in the mail or being opened by somebody else.

Watch our demo to see how easy it is. I hope you enjoy the freedom and convenience provided by E–Statements from now on.


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Highlights e-Newsletter & regular Market Updates

Our frequently produced publications provide a stimulating read.

Our monthly Highlights e-newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest investment research, new ways to get the most from Citi Online, attractive new partnership offers as well as the chance to enter our prize draws.

Our regular publications, such as FX weekly and Standpoint from Citi analysts give you the inside track on everything from the global economy to individual investment markets.

Use Citi Online to tailor the communications you receive and how you receive them (e.g. by phone, post, email or SMS).


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