First Steps

Step 1 – Activating your new Citi Card

For security, your new card must be activated before you can use it. This can be done quickly and easily online.

You will need to have:

  • Your Citi Card
  • Your mobile phone

You will receive a one-time password on your mobile phone, which you will need to complete the activation.


If you are an existing client you can activate your new card by signing on to Citi Online.

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Registering for Citi Online

Please go to Step 2 when you have activated your new card

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Step 2 – Registering for Citi Online

Citi Online gives you complete control of your banking at any time and from anywhere in the world. Check your balances, send money between your accounts, make external payments and much more. Registering is quick and easy.

  • Your activated Citi Card
  • Your mobile phone


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Citi Mobile® UK app

Please go to Step 3 when you have registered for Citi Online

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Step 3 – Citi Mobile® UK app

Citi Mobile® UK is a more convenient way to manage your everyday banking needs, when you are on the move 24/7. You can monitor your current accounts, savings accounts and your investments on the go, see up-to-date balances, send money between accounts instantly, and make payments to people and businesses already set up in your Citi Online account.

  • Citi Mobile® Snapshot lets you see the balance and recent transactions on your accounts, without the need to sign on every time
  • With Citi Mobile® App you can use Push Notifications to decide what free banking and investment account updates you receive
  • Send money to your payees already set up in Citi Online
  • Send money between Citi accounts instantly, including Citi Global Transfers
  • Locate your nearest Citi branches and ATMs

Download the app now:


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Citi Alerts

Please go to step 4 when you have downloaded the Citi Mobile® UK app

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Step 4 – Citi Alerts

You can easily set up free Citi Alerts on Citi Online and receive customised alerts via text or email when key activity takes place on your account. View our demo to find out how to register.

Push Notifications are available to Citi clients who have downloaded the Citi Mobile® App. It is easy to toggle them On or Off from the app Settings menu.


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Please go to Step 5 when you have set up Citi Alerts

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Step 5 – E-Statements

When you join Citi you are automatically registered to receive
E-Statements, a convenient and eco-friendly way of keeping track of your finances through Citi Online. You should check your E-Statements carefully and regularly. Watch our demo to find out how to view your E-Statements on Citi Online.

We’ll notify you by email as soon as your monthly E–Statement is ready. To view it, all you need to do is sign on to Citi Online and click Download Recent Statements in the Quick Links on your My Citi dashboard.


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