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FX Spots

Have the right currency, right when you need it

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Our FX Spots at a glance:

  •   Convert over 11 different currencies at market exchange rates
  •   Hold your money in a range of different currencies
  •   Always have access to the right currency, at the right time
  •   Withdraw money in the local currency at ATMs across the world (subject to your card being linked to the relevant local currency). 
  •   Transfer money instantly and securely to Citi accounts in 22 countries via Citi Global Transfers

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What are FX Spots?

FX Spots are instant currency conversions that allow you to move money quickly from one currency to another. Citi UK gives you straightforward and efficient access to the right currency, at the right time, enabling you to manage your money with ease, wherever you are. Using FX Spot convert 11 different currencies at market exchange rates, and withdraw your money in the local currency at ATMs across the world (subject to your card being linked to the relevant local currency).

Citi UK reference rates apply to transfers across currencies. 

Why would you consider Foreign Exchange?

FX Spots are useful for global clients who want to manage their wealth in a range of different currencies. Our FX Spots service goes hand in hand with Citi’s international funds, equities and bonds and will therefore complement your international investment portfolio. By taking advantage of currency fluctuations with FX Spots, you can reinvest the money you have converted into an investment product. 

Citi clients click here to know more about how to buy/sell FX Online using Citi Online.

How our FX Spots work

To use FX Spots, you will need to have a current or savings accounts, or foreign currency deposits in two or more currencies.  You can make an instant FX Spot via Citi Online, via our mobile phone app or by calling us. 

FX Spots are available in the following currencies:

  •  United States Dollars (USD)
  •  British Pounds (GBP)
  •  Euros (EUR)
  •  Japanese Yen (JPY)
  •  Swiss Francs (CHF)
  •  Canadian Dollars(CAD)
  •  Australian Dollars (AUD)
  •  New Zealand Dollars(NZD)
  •  Swedish Krona (SEK)
  •  Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)
  •  Singapore Dollars (SGD)

You can also use your accounts to take advantage of our funds transfer services and global reach to make secure international payments. Thousands of clients use FX Spot each month and take advantage of our transaction fee-free Citi Global Transfers to move money instantly to Citi accounts in over 20 countries internationally.

Citigold clients can also make up to 8 fee-free SWIFT transfers per month to any non-Citi account. For other non-Citi transfers fees apply.

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Your dedicated Relationship Manager can:

  • Discuss on your behalf with our Treasure Specialists and advise on market opportunities
  • Place large FX Spots trades on your behalf
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With Citi Online you can:

  • Open an account in the currency of your choice
  • View latest FX Spot rates online
  • Instant FX Spot transactions at the current rates between your currency accounts
  • Make transaction fee-free transfers between your Citi international accounts using Citi Global Transfers

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