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Citi Security Centre - Security Update

Security updates

Warning about Investment Scams

We have become aware of attempts to impersonate Citibank UK Limited and Citigold Wealth Management through emails, cold calls and fake websites purporting to represent Citi and to offer our products. These fraudsters are sophisticated and in some instances are replicating our genuine product and service documentation.

Here are some ways in which to identify Investment Scams:

  • If you have been approached by an email, call or text message offering an investment opportunity.
  • If you found a website which is selling Citi investment products and offering you low risk investment for a high return.
  • A fake site, a caller or someone behind an email may ask you to pay or transfer money by online payments or wire transfer.
  • Fraudsters may try to rush or pressurise you into making decisions. A legitimate company would never force you taking a rushed decision regarding your investments & wealth.
  • The offer seems too good to be true; High return with low risk. Don’t proceed until you are comfortable the offer is legitimate.

If you’re suspicious about an investment or opportunity then please contact us immediately via or 0800 00 55 00.

Please visit this website to learn more about Investment Scams and how they operate:

In order to protect yourself, please remember:

  • We would never cold call or email you to offer an investment opportunity out of the blue.
  • In order to make investment with Citibank UK Limited, you need to have an account with us. We would always open an account face to face, not over the phone or via email.
  • We would only email you using domain and we do not use any variations of this.
  • We would never promise a low risk investment for a high return.
  • If you have any doubt, call us immediately on 0800 00 55 00.

Please also take FCA’s quick Scam Smart Test:

New Citi security alerts

We will continue to alert you by SMS if we identify suspicious debit card purchases, however you may now also receive an email or an automated call.
our number has changed. We will only ever ask you to reply to alerts sent from:

+44 7860 065 121 (outside UK)


Voice alert
+448082800912 (outside UK)

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How Citi protects you

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How to protect yourself

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Need help regarding fraud?

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If you have any concerns regarding security
please call the Citi Security Team on:

0800 096 68 00

+44 203 569 99 98
If calling from outside the UK.