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Citi Security Centre

Citi Security Centre

Security updates

01 June

Protect Your Personal Information

Fraudsters have been calling customers and posing as someone from their bank. Fraudster’s call customers and can even display the CitiPhone telephone number to pretend they are legitimately calling from your bank.

Remember that banks and other legitimate organisations will never ask for your personal/banking information. Never give out your telephone banking, online banking credentials, One Time Passwords or card PIN to anyone who contacts you.

Citi will NEVER ask you to transfer money into a new account or ‘safe account’.

Citi security SMS

We will alert you by SMS if we identify suspcious activity on your debit card purchases.
We'll only ever ask you to reply to an SMS that has been sent from either 65151 or +447860065151.

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How Citi protects you

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How to protect yourself

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Need help regarding fraud?

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If you have any concerns regarding security
please call the Citi Security Team on:

0800 096 68 00

+44 203 569 99 98
If calling from outside the UK.