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Citi Security SMS

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Citi Security SMS

We will alert you by SMS if we identify suspicious activity on your debit card purchases. This enables you to reply instantly to 65151 (or +447860065151 if a non-UK mobile number) and confirm whether the purchase is genuine or fraudulent, 24/7. If you reply recognising the activity we messaged you about then you can continue to use your card as normal. If you don’t recognise the suspicious activity then we will take immediate action to secure your debit card.

We’ll only ever ask you to reply to an SMS that has been sent from either 65151 or +447860065151.

This SMS alert will be free when you receive and reply from a UK number only, wherever you are. When replying from a non-UK number you will be charged according to your mobile phone’s network provider.

As a Citi client you'll automatically benefit from this service just make sure we have your up to date mobile number. You can do this by calling Citiphone on:

Citi clients – 0800 00 55 00; +44 2075 00 55 00 (if calling from abroad).
Citigold clients – 0800 00 56 00; +44 2075 00 56 00 (if calling from abroad).

Please note this service will not be applicable for mobile numbers which belong to US, France, Italy and India.