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About personal loans

Citi no longer offer loans. This change reflects Citi's decision to focus resources on our core Citi products.

Been offered a new loan from CitiFinancial?
Please beware of any callers offering you a new loan from CitiFinancial in return for an upfront fee. These callers are not genuine and you will not receive a new loan from CitiFinancial.

Complaint about insurance on your Citi loan or card?
For more information on complaints regarding insurance on your Citi loan or card, please see our PPI and CRP complaints page.

Existing CitiFinancial or Citibank Personal Loan Customer?
The ownership of some CitiFinancial Loans has been transferred to a new lender. Customers whose loans have been transferred will have received a welcome letter from their new provider to confirm this. From 21 May 2012 please contact your new lender with any questions relating to your loan account using the details in your welcome letter and they will be pleased to help you.